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Extrait les vieux amants - Mti
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One Way

Lèwé 4 is a young company producing musical and artistic works led by Jules MEFRE who for several years directed choir groups, supervised class masters, accompanied by international artists on big stages, like Jo Ann Pikens, Larry Crockett, Laam, Piero Battery, Marcel Boungou, Lukua Kanza, Calvin Bridges and many others ...


Lèwé 4 is part of a social music policy. The talents are detected mainly during master class but especially in groups of choirs supervised by the vocal coach Jules MEFRE.


We act mainly with marginal social classes in order to give them the opportunity to dream and find enough exposure to discover their talent.


Making music to teach, train, dream, entertain, give of one's own, share, perform but also to fulfill oneself, is Lèwé 4's credo.


It is therefore a launching platform for young talented artists, ready to invest in their passion that is music while keeping the security of a job during the launch phase or throughout the adventure with Lèwé 4.

" We can only create what we imagine "







Between Blues and Gospel, MTi goes back to the sources of African-American music and pays tribute to Africa through his album CROSSROADS.



10 years of career, so many years of work on yourself, on his voice, on his art, on his goals and on the love shared with you who support him.


10 years of maturation to obtain a 5th album rich in sounds and mergers of styles.


As I

Sweetness, candor, fragility, sensitivity, and precision are the qualities that this young singer wears.


Come find the rest of your spirit

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