Her real name Madeleine Mefre, she was born on April 18, 1991 in a family context hard marked by the divorce of her parents and the absence of her mother.

She grows up in the force of determination and surrounds herself with the candor of hers to develop a softness that is felt in her musical art in particular.

She is especially of a father arranger composer and very passionate by all that can transmit internally the song as a whole.

Several years spent in prestigious choirs, several scenes shared with Donnie Mcclurkin, Marvin Sapp, Cece Winans, Kirk Franklin, offers this marvelous viola an incredible vocal maturity!

Today, you are the first to benefit from this first album "Dey One" which expresses all its gratitude towards the actors of its history ...

Lèwé 4: manager d'artistes, mariages, production d'oeuvres musicales

Soon available 



1- Keep faith

Autor/Compositor : Madey

2- Coupé Dieucalé

feat Grace Decca

Autor/Compositor : Madey

3- Come as you are

feat Calvin Bridges

Autor/Compositor : Chad R Cates, Michael Farren, Lindsay Mccaul, Tony Wood

4- Kuna

feat Queen Étémé

Autor/Compositor : Queen Étémé

Arrangements : Jules Mefre

5-  I need you

Autor/Compositor : Madey

6- J'aime l'éternel

Autor/Compositor : Brunot Mefre

7- Sango Yésu

Traditionnel Camerounais

Autor/Compositor : Manu Dibango

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Lèwé 4: manager d'artistes, mariages, production d'oeuvres musicales

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